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I’m so excited to show you guys the pictures from this shoot from our latest trip to Jebel Sifah. I’m really happy with the way they turned out. This was a completely unplanned shoot. We went for a regular beach day out. It’s just the perfect weather here in Oman for the outings. Plus, the long weekend National Holiday break made all the nationals & expatriates pack their stuff & come out on the beaches to relax. Normally here the beach activities involve camping, bar be que, swimming, football, kite surfing, sand plays etc. We had a great day out too. My lil one also had a great time playing with his sand toys. I am looking forward to explore more places soon.

Talking about the outfit, the geometrical print mini dress is from H & M and had been sitting in my closet for the longest time. I finally came around to shooting it. The Bag is from Harrods, gift from huby’s latest trip to Uk. To complete the look i wore comfortable slip on flats. I carried a denim jacket as a light cover. As in the evening it tends to get colder.

Something about the Denim Jackets. 

The appeal of denim is universal and the idea that one jacket can fill so many wardrobe holes is beyond appealing. Who wouldn’t want that! But, while a denim jacket is fun, practical and popular, it still doesn’t work for everyone or you might have to tweak it to make it work. Watch in my pictures how did I team it with the beach dress.


Hope you guys like the pictures as much as I do! Let me know what you think!



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  1. swati singh says:

    Super 😊😊


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