Family Lunch at China Mood, Al Bustan Palace


If you have been looking forward to spend some quality time with friends and family. I would suggest you to book your tables at China Mood, Al Bustan Palace. Not only you will be amazed with the magic of this culinary journey but you will go back home with wonderful memories. Chef Lau Wai has put in lot of efforts to bring us the Authentic Traditional Chinese Cuisine to Muscat. I was overwhelmed when I got a chance to experience there newly launched Family Lunch. I highly recommend this place where you can make timeless memories while relishing some good food. And off-course the perfect weather, which is like a cherry on the icing.

Name :  Family Style Lunch Special

Location : China Mood, Al Bustan Palace Hotel.

Cuisine : Traditional Chinese Cuisine.

Idea For :  Authentic traditional Chinese culinary experience.

The Tasting Menu : 

I was presented the lunch menu as well as the A La Cart menu. I have chosen to go for the brunch menu, as I wanted to try lot of dishes. As explained by the staff, its like a tasting menu. Therefore the portions will be small. While I was deciding on the brunch options, I was served the hot Chinese Tea, followed my the fresh juices and crisps.



Wonton in clear soup, spring onions

The Chinese are certainly partial to soup, often starting meals with a bowlful. A wonton is the name given to a type of dumpling commonly found in a number of Chinese cuisines. These wontons were stuffed with minces chicken & the soup consists of the broth. It was indeed a very flavorful soup, I have ever had.


Szechuan mix vegetables and tofu. Fried fish, peanut, chili.

As the title suggest. The dish had two elements. Fish was nicely done, served with a flavorful sauce. Tofu was served on the bed of thinly sliced cucumbers, a big thumbs up to the dressing. I could still imagine that blast of flavors into my mouth.


Shrimp dumpling. Steamed chicken shao mai. Soya Sticky Chicken, mushroom, rice.

This is another winner from the brunch menu. All the three elements on the plate were a star. I was really impressed by the presentation. And most importantly the sticky rice which was steamed inside the lotus leaf and stuffed with chicken. The lotus leave flavor in rice was just amazing.


Malaysian sea food laska

I loved the way the noodles remained so nice and crunchy, while floating in the gravy. It’s a must try for the seafood lovers.


Shrimp cake with pomelo & mango salad. Pan fried radish cake balacan.

You can put anything on my plate with mango, and I will go for it. Loved the way the mango was used in this dish. There is lot more coming up on the menu.


Peking Duck Roast

This was the special dish presented in-front of us out of the lunch menu. The Peking Duck was carved & plated in front of us. This was served with an intense flavored sauce & wheat pancakes. It was interesting to know about the duck preparation process. It took them 8 hours to process the duck, followed by the slow roast. That makes the duck nice & crispy outside, soft and juicy inside. The sauce was the real taste maker in the whole dish.


Boiling oil scalded chicken with ginger and spring onion. String Beans with peanuts. Vegetable and egg fried rice. Fried Udon noodle with minced beef, black pepper sauce.

This is another main course dish, which came with lot of elements. Chicken was nice & crispy with strong ginger flavor. String beans with peanut added a nice crunch to the meal. Egg fried nice were very flavorful. Perfectly cooked, as I have expected them to be. Fried Udon noodles were nice and crispy, in spite the fact they were soaked in the sauce.


Asian sweet platter. Custard Cream bun & Banana fritters served with Vanilla Ice cream.

Deserts are the most awaited part of any meal. After going through the traditional Chinese culinary experience, I was eagerly looking forward to try some deserts. I was very exited to know more about the Chinese Custard Cream Bun from the chef. It tasted absolutely out of this world. If going by the name, you must be definitely thinking of some baked dessert. Here is the twist, it was a steamed bun. It was great to know that it was made of Batter, egg, sugar, potato starch & molasses. Then comes the Banana fritters, which was nice and crunch outside , soft & juicy inside. The vanilla ice cream was very flavorful.



  • The interiors are a treat to eyes, looking around you will feel as if you are in mini china. I loved the way the Chinese tea pots were arranged. The entire place was full of Christmas decor. Attention was paid to the tiniest details.
  • The best thing was the view from the restaurant terrace, where we decided to dine. The hotel is located on an exotic beach of Oman, overlooking the Arabian sea & Mountains. Which ads to the scenic beauty of this property.
  • The entire place was so colorful. Not only  did the food look good but it was so scrumptious and artistic.
  • I was glad to hear that last Saturday itself they have started the new family lunch menu. And we were among their first few guests to savor it.
  • They have a special place for kids to play & a live pop corn station. And at the same time they can learn some Chinese cooking. It’s a full package planned for the entire family to spend a wonderful afternoon.
  • There is a section in the restaurant where you can arrange your business meets ups or small get together.
  • The entire experience was worth an applaud and extremely different from the other Chinese restaurants I have tried.


Service :

A happy staff is always a pleasant sight. Loved how each and every dish was explained in detail.


Contact : 24764000/

Ps : The Family lunch is only available on saturday’s.

I was very amazed with the way the entire lunch was planned. If you ask me the best part about the entire experience, well, I left with a happy and content heart, I guess that’s all that matter.

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