Sea Food Brunch @ Bait Al Bahr, Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa

Happy Friday Everyone,

I have been missing on the writing part all these days. Just got too busy with shooting for my latest collabs. I know I need to be more efficient that ways. Blogging does take lots of efforts. And getting that right shot, OMG that is something killing. And specially when you are an armature photographer. Though I have been loving it all these days. From getting my hands on hubby’s SLR to learning picture editing. I have realized lately getting perfect angle and high quality images is way too important for any blog. Today’s blog is about  last weekend’s seafood brunch at Bait Al Bahr, Shangri-La Barr AL Jissah Resort & Spa . Most of the pictures are shot by self. I hope you will like them.


After surviving the 8 weeks challenge at the gym, wherein I was on a no carb nutrition plan. I obviously required a cheat day . I have been saying no to food reviews, since I was on a strict regime. But, when I got the opportunity to review the ongoing seafood brunch at Bait Al Bahr Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa, I couldn’t stop myself and accepted to go for it. I had been to the restaurant many times before and every time I loved it. Their selection of seafood is amazing. You name it, and they will plate it for you. Below picture is of the live grilling section, which is right at the entrance of the restaurant.


My selection of grill.

I ordered for a king fish from the selection of fresh seafood at the live grilling station. It was yummy & just melted in my mouth. It had the perfect blend of flavours &  crisp from outside. Just the way I like my grilled fish to be. And off course it was a very healthy option. All the grills were served with grilled vegetables, mashed potato & lime, which makes it a perfect meal.


Sushi Bar

So I call it a Sushi Bar. Brunch offered a large variety of sushi. It’s a must go for all you sushi lovers out there. I went and tried almost all kinds of it. They were served in the most creative manner. They were one of the best I have ever tasted here in muscat.


There were many more options in seafood, which I couldn’t try as I don’t like to experiment a lot with the food. I like to go with my regular choices. Though I took a tour of the entire brunch, before settling down. There I saw a live crab station.  They said it’s very good for honeymoon couples. So, its highly  recommended for all newly married couples. Also, its ideal for the families who are looking forward to spend some quality time.


The brunch offers you a lot of desert options. And when it comes to the deserts, I just want to overlook all the food, and directly want to jump over it. If you have a sweet tooth, I would highly recommend you to book your table at Bait Al Bahr. Sharing here all the yummy deserts we got to try out there.


The brunch is on every saturday until April’17. You can book your table by calling at 2477 6565 or email

I hope you guys like the review, do let me know what you think about it.

Lots of Love


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