All about a day trip on Mazaya Luxury Yacht.


Hello Everyone,

It’s been so long that I did a blog post. Seriously I missed writing a lot. “Since” I am back let me tell you guys. I was on a vacation to Maldives for a week in the month of March. I had fallen severely sick on the last day of our trip. And the sickness continued almost for 3 weeks. Leaving me very week. Right after that, I went to India. It was a short trip again, to help my mom with my sister’s wedding shopping. Yes, guys there is this good news to share with you all. My sister is getting married to her boyfriend after a courtship period of 8 years. And, I am so very excited. I got back last week to Muscat. And got caught up with settling things. Finally, I can concentrate on my blogs & vlogs. Guys there is this another news I wanted to share. I have started a Vlog on my YouTube channel. Being new to videos, its taking me some time for learning the camera placement, lights & background settings etc. But, I am seriously into it & learning all the technicalities.

Coming back to my today’s blog. I have been on a day trip in the month of March on Mazaya Luxury Yacht. It was a trip to remember for the lifetime. I have been to various yacht trips. But, this one was totally different in terms of the services as compared to the other once. The yacht completely looked new. It’s a high maintenance affair. But, I must say the owners has very well taken care of it and I was so very impressed. A quick view on the Exteriors & Interiors of the Yacht.



After seeing the pics , I am sure you can imagine how luxurious it was.

Facilities on board.

  1. A well equipped seating area with a Television, boss speakers, comfortable seating, Espresso Machine, Reading Material, fresh dates & Kahwa.
  2. It has a nice compact kitchen, which includes cutlery, hot water kettle, washing space, microwave & other basic stuff required in a mini kitchen for your picnic.
  3. It has 1 master bedroom, 2 Bedrooms with 2 singles bed each. And one smaller room with one single bed.
  4. All the rooms well equipped with bathrooms & other amenities.
  5. Food can be arranged from Yellow Chilli or any other place on request. Please note, the facility is available only during exclusive dinning. Not during long haul cruise.
  6.  its is Fully air-conditioned.

Other facilities which are available on request are :-

  1. Snorkeling Gear
  2. Jet Skis
  3. Fishing Rods & Tackle
  4. Inflammable boats

Please note : Fishing is not permitted on the yacht, reason being it gives that foul smell. which is not liked by many guests.

Ideal For :-

It’s ideal for day trips for family & friends. Also, if you have big pocket its a perfect romantic gateway.

My Experience :-

I was highly impressed with the services. After reaching the starting point, Al Mouj Marina. We were escorted by Mazaya Staff to the boat in a Golf cart. We were then briefed about the safety measures & a bit about the yacht by the Captain. I was accompanied by my husband & a 4-year-old of ours.  All of us were very well taken care of. There was something for all of us on board. I started with sipping off some espresso. Then took a tour of the yacht. I was there for few hours. Honestly speaking I did wanted to spend a night there. I am definitely looking forward to go back. Also, this trip turns out to be very affordable when you take a bigger group, say upto 10 Adults & 5 Kids (under12). I will highly recommend all you guys to book your customised yacht tour organised by Mazaya Oman

Booking details :-

You can book your trip via call or email.

Telephone +968 94220666

Email :-

for more details log into

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