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Guys I am back in full swing with lots of review blogs one after the other. Its been long that I have been missing on writing part. I couldn’t find time becoz of my travels. Just realized that I have already been on 3 trips since this year has started. I have gathered lots of content and now geared up to publish as many as blogs possible. If you have been following me on the instagram, you already know how many shoots I am done with. It was really fun getting up early morning, to be precise at 4 am. Getting dressed up in my best outfits & going for outdoor shoots. I am sure all the other bloggers are facing the same issue while shooting in summer. The weather doesn’t allow late afternoon shooting.

Since we are already in the mid of summer, I am sure every one is struggling with there skin care routine. I am really scared of the exposure to the harsh sun. UV rays account for  80% of the skin ageing including wrinkles. I personally feel if we want to control on ageing process we need to save our skin from exposure to UV rays. In case if we need to go out, we must take care of our skin in all the best possible ways. Today’s blog is about how ageing can be controlled with the help of using  SUN FLUID -ANTI AGE – SPF 50 for all skin types by Eucerin



I have received this product from BasharaCare . Its one of the best sites to order all your daily skin care & makeup related products online in middle east. I have been ordering my skin care products from them for over 3 months now. They offer free delivery within 1-2 working days. All the deliveries comes with 3 free samples. All the products are 100% authentic & there is a wide range available to choose from. On a lazy day, I would love to sit back in the comfort of my house & order stuff online. So far its one of the best online shopping experience I had here in middle east. Coming back to our today’s topic let me elaborate  first on Why & how to use sunscream followed by my reviews on the product.

Anti-Ageing Concerns?

Anti-ageing concerns are something we’ll all have to face at some point in our lives, much to our distress. The old adage of prevention is better than cure rings true when it comes to wrinkles and there’s a hefty amount of research that agrees that the best thing you can do to prevent the premature signs of ageing is to wear a good sunscreen, and you’re never too young to start! The Eucerin sun care range is extensive and has a range of excellent daily moisturizing fluids with SPF30 & 50+ protection, including the Sun Fluid Mattifying Fluid for combination-oily skin and Sun Creme Face for normal to dry complexions.
Tips for using sunscreen –
No sunscreen will give the protection it claims unless you apply it properly.
Make sure you put enough sunscreen on – people often apply much less than they need to. When your risk of burning is high, ensure that all exposed skin is thoroughly covered in sunscreen. As a guide for an adult this means: Around 2 teaspoonfuls of sunscreen if you’re just covering your head, arms and neck. Around 2 and a half tablespoonfuls if you’re covering your entire body, for example while wearing a swimming costume
Reapply sunscreen regularly including ‘once a day’ and ‘water resistant’ products. Some products are designed to stay on better than others, but beware of sunscreen rubbing, sweating or washing off. It’s especially important to reapply after towel drying. And reapplying helps avoid missing bits of skin.
Use sunscreen together with shade and clothing to avoiding getting caught out by sunburn.
Don’t be tempted to spend longer in the sun than you would without sunscreen.
Don’t store sunscreens in very hot places as extreme heat can ruin their protective chemicals.
Don’t forget to check the expiry date on your sunscreen. Most sunscreens have a shelf life of 2-3 years, shown on the label by a symbol of a pot with the letter M and a number – this is the number of months the sunscreen will last once it’s been opened. Check your sunscreen has not expired before you use it.
My Reviews :-
As I said earlier I am not a professional who can write a review in depth, wherein I can speak about the contents of the product. But yeah I would like to share my views. I have been using the Eucerin Sun Fluid – Anti Ageing with SPF 50 for a few weeks now. As far as my knowledge goes for sunscreams. They act as an cover up on your skin to save it from UV rays, which is the cause of ageing process as well as wrinkles. Keeping that in mind I use sunscream daily half an hour before leaving my house. I have been trying out many brands from Vichy’s to bioderma. My recent favorite was the one prescribed to me by a dermatologist a year back. I was quite happy with it, then I was introduced to Eucerin sun fluid. I have completely changed to it these days. Reason being, it gives that matifying look which most of the sunscreams failed to do. Also, I found after its usage my skin didn’t turn dry or rough. But with Eucerin sun fluid I didn’t face any problem.It comes in a semi fluid consistency, which helps to spread well on your skin.  Also, it acts well like a primer base to the makeup. And makeup sticks well on it & lasts for a longer time. I am very satisfied with my new Eucerin sun fluid. And would highy recommend to order it from BasharaCare
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Love 🙂

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