My take on Instagram Themes

Hello guys,

A few days back I have revamped my Instagram. During the process I am sure I did offend many people by filling up there feed by my posts. I would like to extend my sincere apologies to all the people who follow me on Instagram. I actually spammed there feeds with numerous posts. Luckily most of them did support me by appreciating the new look. I always considered my blog more like a magazine. And wanted it to look like the one. As I see all the other bloggers, they have already found there niche & follow it. If you know me personally, I am a person with multiple thoughts. That’s the reason I did love to write/post about anything & everything which attracts me. I love to cover each & every aspect of lifestyle into my blog.

Something about the Instagram blog:-

I have been reading so many blogs on this subject. Everyone has there own thoughts to share. I have heard a lot of mixed comments so far. I feel its individuals personal choice. As far as they can attract audience to there handle, I feel its worth  putting efforts. I do respect both the type of blogs. I personally like many insta blogs & do follow them. I personally like to writing a blog on my website. Reason being it gives me more space to express my thoughts. I can put more pictures then what I can put in my single post on instagram. I have always been very expressive & love to get deep into the subject. Owning my own domain was like a dream come true to me. Its been 9 months of managing my own web. Soon I will be celebrating 1st Anniversary of my blog. I am damn so exited.

Blogging to me :-

Its a job with a great responsibility. Also, I respect all the bloggers for doing this brave task. Brave because, its not easy to express your thoughts publically. Also, wherein you give people the right to talk about you. But its very important to take all the feedbacks positively. There are days when I completely want to give up. I do have my family life. With all the household work, I have a kid of 4 years old.  While managing it all, its very difficult to do shoots, edit pictures & create a write-up. It all takes hard work & creativity. So people who has a misconception about bloggers that they are doing it all for the freebies, might get an answer now. And I would like to send love to all the fellow bloggers. All of you are doing a great job.

About my new Instagram theme :-

You might think I have got deviated from the subject of discussing about my new Instagram theme. Guys this happens to me. When I talk about my blog I do get sensitive about it. And actually you can see that in this post. The purpose of new theme was to make my Instagram page look more clean & crisp . Plus, I do divert a lot of traffic of my audience through Instagram to my web. So, It makes more sense to be presentable there. I did go through a thought process while deciding upon it. For example, if I tried a nice eating place & I felt like posting food pics. Somehow to keep the page looking good , it just looked so abrupt to have a food picture stand out among the fashion posts.Even the same  thing happened when I felt like posting my thoughts through a quote.  As I have mentioned before I would like to cover all expects of lifestyle on my blog which makes me happy. Now this theme gives me lots of scope to work on various topics. I can dedicate one line/ 3 posts on my Instagram to a topic. It can get challenging when I don’t have enough pics. But then, I do believe in taking challenges. That’s what gives me the immense satisfaction at the end of the day. Also, my impressions did got a boost during all this process, which gives assurance that people did went through my new theme. Though its a difficult thing to get appreciation these days from know people, but thats ok my Instagram impressions did let me know it all . I do get appreciation mails from strangers & a lot of collaboration opportunities from worldwide. And that is what keeps my motivation level always on top.

I am sharing below the link to the Instagram theme ideas, in case if you are looking for it.

15 Instagram Theme Ideas

Thank you every one who has supported me to come this far.

Sharing few pics from the quick shoot I did last weekend.

Dress : Elle, Shoes : Payless, Bag : parfois,

Sunglass : Tomford, Watch : Longines



Check more pictures on my Instagram account


Thanks for visiting my site.



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