Oh Happy Feet by MASH



“Oh Happy Feet”

Guys, I am totally in love with this caption. We always talk about happy face, happy hair, why not happy feet. Our feet takes us around the world & carry all our body weight. Therefore, they should be taken care off & maintained properly. Last month when I came from a tiring one month-long vacation. I literally felt sad for my feet. With all the travelling, I could find my feet in the saddest shape ever. I could see lots of dead skin & even cracks on my heels. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even go to any salon to make myself & my feet happy. Luckily over the same weekend, I have received these newly launched products from MASH. Oh Happy Feet was the caption on the package. That is when, I was all thrilled to try them out & treat my feet 🙂

Something about MASH

I got introduced to MASH through an Instagram advert. I was really impressed with the branding & packaging. Before I could order the product. I got the opportunity to review it. I was sent across a coffee scrub, which was amazing. The review can be found on my you tube channel Coffee Scrub Review. The brand is successful managed by Ms Maryam – a master of public health graduate. While chatting with her I came to know few very interesting things, like about the whole idea behind the brand. She told  me about her passion for natural skin care started off at a very young age.

As quoted by her “I realized that with every skin-breakout I experienced, there was always a solution to my rescue “the kitchen”! I would occasionally create my own concoctions combining exotic spices, natural oils, honey and botanical ingredients to be used as facial masks, scrubs and cleansers. The results were magical! In fact, one of my all-time favourite concoctions was a cinnamon and honey face mask for acne-prone skin of which I’ve incorporated today in one of M A S H’s healing coffee scrub”. 

I would admit here, that I was super impressed by the brand as well as the lady behind it.


  1. Its made of all natural products.
  2. They bring mini spa effects to your home.
  3. The products are rich in anti- oxidants, vitamins & nutrients to promote healthy & glowing skin.
  4. Paraben free.
  5. No side effects.


How to use it?

You can actually create your own feet spa at home, by following the few simple steps.

  1. Fill the basin with warm water.
  2. Stir in the 2 tbs of MASH foot spa soak.
  3. Throw in a few fresh flowers & light scented candles for the extra “spa effect”.
  4. Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes.
  5. File your feet using a foot filer or a pumice stone
  6. Rinse, dry & moisturize. For best results massage your feet with MASH FOOT butter for few minutes.


Oh Happy Feet – Review

Guys, I will admit here that my experience with MASH has been brilliant so far. Be it the delivery, packaging or the quality of product. The rich aroma from the products do make me feel like a spa at home. If you a super busy mum like me & you don’t have time to visit spa & saloons regularly. MASH products are made for you. Firstly they are available at your door step. Secondly you can do  foot spa while watching your favorite movie or while catching up with your social media. So it’s that simple. When I opened the foot spa soak, it smells so good. I didn’t even want to remove my feet from the water . It feels so relaxing & the aroma of all the natural products were so soothing. After soaking for 15 minutes you will notice all the dead skin softened and ready to be ridden off, exposing new soft & fresh skin surface. With the help of pumice, I could easily get rid of it. To my surprise all the cracks disappeared from my heels. Guess, they all were because of the layers of dead skin. After drying , I gave my feet a good massage with the MASH foot butter. I loved the consistency of it too. Also, I could smell the same lavender fragrance in it.  I loved it, and would highly recommend you all to try this out.



Where to buy MASH products?

To place an order, please contact them  on WhatsApp 98164693 or Email  at info@mashbym.com 

I am looking forward to hear from you, do let me know what do you think about my reviews.


Lots of Love


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