Online Shopping Experience @BasharaCare

There is no doubt, that technology has bought almost everything to our door step. A year back I was bitten by the bug of online shopping. I got completely obsessed with it. In the comfort of my home, its just so handy to scroll on my mobile screen & get a lot hell of variety for anything & everything. Today I am sharing my experience at BasharaCare

Why BasharaCare?

Though there are endless reasons for shopping, but I will summarize here the most imp once.

  1. Free Delivery.
  2. Within 1-2 days delivery in oman.
  3. 3 free samples.
  4. Endless choice of products in makeup & skin care.
  5. High quality products.
  6.  You can buy products, which are not available locally.


Online Shopping tips

  1. Its very important to decide what you want, when you visit any site. For example, if I am visiting I should check all the make up & skin care products which are available with me.
  2. Make use of the filter option as much as possible. For example if I am looking for eye make-up, use the eye make-up as the key word & start looking to the brands & colours/shades available.
  3. Just remember to look for the quantities, when you are comparing the pricing among the different brands. As on web you can’t see the size of the product.
  4. Try & put what ever you like in the shopping cart. Before checkout filter what ever is not required.
  5. Online shopping can be a blessing if done cautiously or else it can turn into a disaster  if you start picking things randomly.

Product Review :- 


Guys, I have ordered a hair treatment this time from  BasharaCare. It was very much required for me. Somehow I have spoiled my hair by coloring at home. They have become extremely dry & that is the reason for the extreme hair fall. I have been using SACHAJUAN hair repair for few weeks now. From the first wash itself, I can see my hair quality is improving. Its very simple to use. After wash, take a small amount of the product apply evenly on to your wet hair. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. Wash with the cold water. Repeat this twice a week. If you are also facing hair fall or any other kind of hair damage. I would highly recommend the SACHAJUAN hair repair treatment to you.

You can shop this product here  shopping link


I have tried to keep this blog post short & sweet. Let me know what do you think about this one:-)




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