Sea Food Galore at Sheraton

Sheraton, Oman has recently launched their Sea Food open buffet featuring an array of exquisite sea food dishes. I was so ecstatic the moment I was invited to try out this famous buffet. The restaurant has two dining sections, the indoor space which is a fine dining space and the outdoors which is a relaxed casual dining section with sheesha & water bodies around.


Name : Courtyard.

Location : Sheraton, Muscat.

Cuisine : Intercontinental.

Ideal for : A sophisticated fine dinning experience with friends, family & colleagues.

The Sea Food Open Buffet Details :-

I had a warm welcome by our host Sondos. I was offered a drink and later she took me around through the each section of the sea food buffet, before I could settle down and start eating. I would not exaggerate, if I say that I was taken through a luxurious culinary experience. In today’s post I will show you guys what I have experienced through my lenses.

The Starters/Appetizers  :

The buffet had a numerous variety of appetizers to choose from. The choices included the cold section , bread & cheese, Salads, dressings & more. I definitely went for my all time favourite arabic starters.


Main Course : 

The main course was  divided into 2 sections. First, the hot food options, which includes the soup, rice, curries & more. Second, the most tempting & tantalizing was the live cooking stations.  Here you could choose from the same day’s catch,  seafood options & get them grilled right in front of you. None the less they did had a live pasta station, where you could customize the pasta as per your taste buds.

unnamed (5)unnamed (6)DSC_8222

Desserts :

For the desserts, we had the most amazing variety. From a delicious & soft carrot cake, cheese cake, lemon tart, intense chocolate desserts, cookies & more. How yummy does that sound! more over we have got to try from the Arabic sweets & Ice cream. A dessert I would go back for.

My Experience : 

I loved the vibe of the Courtyard. Since they have a  live cooking stations for selection of grill & customizing  pasta. It’s amazing to watch your food getting ready in-front of you and the whole place is so buzzing. I would love to go back again to try the dishes  I have missed out this time from the buffet.

Availability : 

Every Wednesday, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM.

Buffet Costs :



Service: All the grill’s & pasta’s we ordered came to our table in a reasonable time. We did not have to ask to refill our drinks. Each table was well attended. I must say they really have a happy staff.

For Bookings :

Call on +968 22377777 , email or Whatsapp +968 71119006




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  1. Farah Shiekh says:

    food looks very delicious btw nice article

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  2. Ghyoneka says:

    Sea food looks delicious

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    1. Pooja Saxena says:

      yes, it was super yum


  3. Prachi says:

    Good article very beautiful pictures,

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  4. I have to say you are a very good photographer with food.

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    1. Pooja Saxena says:

      thanks for the appreciation, it means a lot


  5. TOMAK says:

    very useful and informative article

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  6. Olayinka says:

    You have snapped a good photo graphs keep it up


  7. Ghyoneka says:

    Great pictures


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