YELASAI Experience @Artemis (Ayurvedic Hair Treatment)

Do you have thin lifeless hair with worrisome hair fall?

A gentle stroking of your hair, a shower, or simply an attempt to keep your mane in place using your hairbrush – can remind you of the fact that you are losing your precious hair. How many of you have felt that your hairbrush is your enemy? Its true that stress, genetic predisposition and vitamin inadequacies can all contribute to hair fall, but it can be treated.

Don’t wait, get to the root cause of unhappy hair with Yelasai.

I recently visited Artemis Holistic Solutions and learnt  about the health of my hair in depth. It was an eye opener when I went though my scalp analysis. Samira Al Mughairi the Founder & Co- owner of Artemis Holistic Solutions is a pioneer of Yelasai hair treatment in the Middle East. She showed me the condition of my scalp using a scalp camera which zooms up to 200 folds. After analysis, I have realized the importance of a clean scalp. The products which we use are loaded with a lot of chemicals, which hinder in the development of  healthy hair.

Something about Yelasai

Yelasai is an Ayurveda inspired Swiss treatment. It includes a  range of natural, organic hair care products, for all hair related issues. With Yelasai you get a personalized treatment plan specific for your needs. Read more about Yelasai here Company Details.

Know More about the Yelasai Founder Mr. Gianni Coria click here

My Treatment Details 

It involves weekly holistic  scalp treatment at the center and simultaneous application of the range of Yelasai  hair care products( Shampoo, Conditioner , hair tonic etc). The treatment duration depends on the condition of the scalp. There has been instances where bald people have noticed growth of new hair follicle  only within a few weeks. This treatment if complimented with proper diet & hair care regime, will aid in faster results. I am currently facing the hair fall & roughness. If you see most of my skin care blogs, I strongly recommend the use of organic products, which is why I wanted to try the Yelasai hair treatment.

Steps involved in the weekly scalp cleansing treatment:-

Step 1 : It starts with the holistic head massage for 15 minutes. The scalp massage has a holistic effect and simulates the entire body. This simulates metabolism and helps in the body detoxification. The scalp benefits from an improved blood circulation while the hair roots are being supplied with more oxygen and nutrients.

Step 2 : Application of the Yelasai scalp peeling, duration of which depends on the condition of the scalp(between 15-30min). This is used for an oily and coated scalp. The natural crystals in this open the pores , cleans the scalp and removes excessive sebum. This process is extremely important for hair growth, so that the nutrients of Hair Active Tonic optimally penetrate and reach their full care power.

Step 3 : Your head is then given steam so that the products are able to penetrate the scalp.

Step 4 : The treatment ends with the Yelasai shampoo & conditioner.

Step 5 : Your hair is then blow dried and off you go.

My Experience :

I have already tried the holistic  scalp treatment process twice. And I must admit that it is a hair rejuvenating process. I am absolutely in love with the head massage. Its so relaxing & refreshing. After getting the whole process done ,I felt my hair was much softer and shiner. I can see lot of positive changes in my hair after only two sessions only. I would highly recommend it to all of you.

image 3image 2DSC_8244

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