The Prive Experience

So guys I was invited to Privé last Tuesday, to try out their exclusive set of beverages.  Since the launch of the lounge, it has been a talk of the town. I have been hearing awesome reviews from the people who have already  tried out the place. I was really  tempted to try myself, therefore I instantly accepted the invite.


I had a warm welcome from Ankush (Managing Director), Rakesh (Operations Manager) & Jesicca (PR Agency – Socioholics). Once comfortably seated, I was briefed about the Lounge & their current offers.

Name : Privé Gastro Lounge

Location : Al Qurum Resort, Shatti Al Qurum, Muscat.

Location MapClick Here

Cuisine : Intercontinental.

Ideal for : Lunch meet-ups, after work drinks or a cozy catch up dinner with friends. A perfect affordable party place.

What is Gastro pub food?

One of the fastest growing trends today is the Gastro pub. This venue combines imaginative, upscale cooking techniques with the casual dining experience of a pub.

The atmosphere is always laid back and reminiscent of Cheers while the food is always something comfortable and soothing with a gourmet spin.

What I Had ?

Seriously speaking, I went there just to do the food tasting. But the food was so tempting, that I ended up eating it all.

We ordered drinks first followed by the starters. The menu looked quite satisfying.

Blow Horn :-

This drink has turned out to be one of my favourite drinks so far. It was a blend of Vodka with passion fruit puree, Kaffir lime, cranberry juice & black pepper. It was just amazing and so very refreshing.

Blow Horn

Bell Pepper Mojito :-

Unlike a normal Mojito, this one was infused with the fresh bell peppers. The drink consist of Rum infused bell peppers with fresh mint, Lime and white rum. For a moment I have to think, what am I drinking. This is what Gastronomic style of cooking does to us. Taking the normal food & drinks to a another level. This was another knock out drink which I had in recent times.

Bell Pepper Mojito

Candy Cosmo :-

This drink was the star of the evening. The glass was covered with a huge ball of candy floss. And as the drink was poured on to it, the floss turned into a tiny ball. It consists of Votka, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice and Candy Floss. The presentation was amazing. If you did check my live coverage on the day of the review. You would know, how fascinating it was.

Candy Cosmo


OK guys, so here comes the major reviewing part. For appetizers we got a Tapas menu to choose from. I was asked to choose 6 items from the list of Tapas. It makes more sense to have small bites with the drinks. Every bite was just so yummy, I could finish it all in no time. Mean while I got another platter to try. Even if you are vegetarian, Privé has an endless options for you to choose from. See the below pics, don’t you think its just amazing?

Tapas Platter
Fried Chicken Tenders


Main- Course

It just came to us as an amazing surprise. I did planned to order just the salad. But I could have not justified my visit to Privé, if did not have tried their signature dishes.

Privé House Spice Stuffed Grill Chicken :-

As the name of the dish suggest, it’s the stuffed chicken slowly grilled to perfection. It is  served  with the vegetable salad & some sauces. The portion was good enough to be shared. I couldn’t stop on binging on the grilled baby potatoes.

Prive House Spice Stuffed Grill Chicken

Vendure Pizza 

This was one of the best pizza I had in recent times. If you are vegetarian, you would definitely love it. It was thin crust and topped up with loads of cheese & garden fresh vegetables.

Verdure Pizza

Classic Ceaser Chicken Salad

This was actually what I have ordered initially, so if you are on a diet plan you can still plan to visit Privé. You can choose from their selection of Salads. I was really impressed with the presentation and the yummy dressing which was nicely blended into it.

Classic Ceaser Chicken Salad


Sorry guys, I just could not try dessert. I was too full for anymore food tasting. But I am sure the desserts will also be mind-blowing, like all the other dishes.

My Experience : 

I liked the ambiance & the cozy feel of the place. It was buzzing with people all around even in the mid-week. I could see people celebrating birthday & friends meeting up for the mid-week break. I had an absolute tiring day. And there couldn’t be a better way to unwind my tiredness & refresh myself. Though I am a light eater & I completely abide by my diet plan. But seeing all this lovely food, I couldn’t resist myself just by tasting it. I had to eat it all to my heart’s content. I would highly recommend this place for  lunch, dinner & drinks. I am definitely going back over the weekend. If you haven’t tried this place yet, do book your table now.

Availability : 

12 pm to 3 pm & 6 pm to 3 am.

Current offers :

  1. Ladies can have unlimited drinks for RO. 9 ++, from the Hendricks Cocktails for the month of September. The offers runs every Tuesday from 6pm – 11 pm only.
  2. Tapas for RO. 4++ to go with the cocktails.


I may rate them 9/10 for the service. The staff was friendly. They did recommend drinks & food to us. Which turned out to be the great choice for us.

Follow them on Social Media :

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @priveexperience

For Bookings :

Call on +968 24953890







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