Passion Cafe Review by Sprinkles Sugar and Spice (Guest Blogger)

I would like to Welcome on board our guest blogger who has joined Eat Sleep Wear Style team recently to contribute in terms of content creation.

Meet Mufeedha

I met her, few months back courtesy Instagram. She is successfully managing here Instagram Blog page. You can follow her on @sprinklessugarandspice.  She is a super mum to a boy. And a passionate baker. Do check out her page for cooking/baking inspiration.

Lets check out, what are here views about The Passion Cafe.

Blog Post

So last week we went to Passion Cafe for lunch. The restaurant wasn’t very busy, may be because we went a bit late after lunch hours. The staff was friendly and polite  .They  guided us to our seats and handed over an iPad to have a look at their menu. We did loved their ambiance.
Buffalo squid rings
Squid rings coated with buffalo sauce drizzled with BBQ and ranch sauce garnished with green onions.
Round cut and deep-fried breaded potato with buffalo chicken topped with melted cheddar cheese and homemade special sauce sprinkled with fried onions and beef bacon and jalapenos.
unnamed (1)
My Review
Both the dishes were lip smacking and presentation was a treat to eyes. It was served hot in no time.
Main Course
Beef lasagna served with a garlic bread stick
unnamed (2)
Trio sliders
It’s a combination  of fish, chicken and beef burger served with French fries. Grilled chicken slider,  grilled beef with mushroom and turkey bacon along with it a  deep-fried white fish fillet with tartar sauce, Rocca, red onion and jalapeño.
unnamed (3)
My Review
The lasagna was a little dry; it would have been nice if the béchamel sauce was a bit oozing. The beefy taste was nice. The sliders were very juicy and the buns were soft, colorful and tasty.
Dark Elise
It is basically a mixture of 7-up, vimto cherry syrup, fresh lemon juice, blue Curacao syrup and grenadine syrup.
It is a mountain dew with blue Curacao syrup.
unnamed (4)
My Review
The first  drink  was  very refreshing and colorful .Hulk just tasted as any normal fizzy drink.
Pistachio Milk Cake
unnamed (5)
My Review
It was out of this world. It was an oven baked sponge cake soaked in pistachio flavored milk, topped with whipping cream and sprinkled with pistachio powder.
My Experience & Service 
  • Staff was friendly.
  • Perfect ambiance.
  • value for money.
  • Food presentation was good.
  • They have amazing quality food with good quantity.

We left with a happy heart and happy tummy :). The location is a little difficult to find. We followed the map link given in their Instagram page.


Social Media

You can follow them on their Instagram page @passion_cafe_oman

Location Map Click Here

My Ratings  
I would rate it 8.5/10 if it was not for the location and lasagna.

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