Hello Lovelies! I welcome you to Eat Sleep Wear Style.

EatSleepWearStyle is literally what the name says it is to eat, sleep & wear all in style. Blogging is a platform used for creating awareness in its most creative manner. Telling people what to wear, how to wear, what to buy, where to invest and where not is a responsible task. Taking this fun responsible task and converting the passion of fashion. EatSleepWearStyle is about all beautiful things, clothes, shoes, products, reviews, styling , new trends, food, travel , fitness. lets just say whatever you do, do it in style.

Being a fashion enthusiast I have always believed to dressing up well to my work place & otherwise. Through this blog post I would like to express my daily style ideas. I will be also sharing my travel experiences & daily beauty regime. In short all about my lifestyle.

I Hope I will be able to entertain you guys through my blog posts. You can also follow me on my Instagram for daily posts.

Lots of Love